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It is common knowledge that certain medical treatments, such as surgery, transplant, or others, may induce negative side effects on the patient. Stem cell treatment is no exception. Although the side effects may differ from person to person, depending on various factors. In general, experts and stem cell therapy clinics state that patients who receive the proper care and support are exposed to relatively mild side effects to no effects at all.

Stem cell therapies offer the potential to treat diseases or improve conditions for which limited treatment exists, such as cancer, stroke, or other deteriorating illnesses. Stem cells are “special cells that can develop into all of the body’s organs,” including the blood, the brain, the bones, and other organs, whilst their primary goal is to repair organ dysfunctions.

Read on to learn more about the potential side effects of stem cell therapy and how Cell La Vie — a cell therapy clinic in Bangkok, can assist you in your stem cell treatment.

Side Effects of Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment could result in mild, temporary side effects, depending on the individuals who undergo the therapy. As said, the side effects of the treatment may include headaches, fevers, flushings, and nausea, but these effects, however, would only last for less than 48 hours. Doctors at the stem cells hospital in Thailand or any other country will provide intravenous fluids or medications to prevent or mitigate these symptoms.
Despite the possible side effects, it is important to note that they are extremely rare — less than 3% in leukemia. In addition, the most common side effect that 50% of the patients encounter is feeling “light-headed,” and it will disappear within an hour.

Engraftment side effects

Engraftment is the stage that occurs after stem cell infusion when the transplanted stem cells begin to produce new blood components — including red blood cells, platelets, and other immune system components within the body.

Only a minority of patients may encounter side effects such as nausea and difficulty sleeping or develop skin rashes and mucositis. Furthermore, diarrhea and appetite loss are expected; however, they are rare occurrences. Some of these symptoms may last for some time, but there are no major concerns to be scared of.

Stem Cell Treatment Helps with Disease Recovery

Stem cell treatment has been shown to be safe for use in treating a wide range of disorders, and some research suggests it may help hasten patients’ recoveries.

For instance, a recent study showed that all patients suffering from COVID-19 were able to recover from severe symptoms due to MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells), and the treatment showed no side effects from clinical trials.

Likewise, the use of MSC cells can offer a safe and effective treatment to help patients with stroke, improving their condition.

Is Stem Cell Treatment Painful?

There are numerous variables that determine whether a stem cell injection of any kind is painful. Injections of stem cells into the majority of body regions through an IV bag are no more painful than other joint or soft tissue injections. 

On the contrary, injections into a spinal disc are often performed under anesthesia since they are more painful. In either scenario, the patient is discharged the same day as the procedure, as is typical for outpatient procedures.

Simply put, there is no need to be afraid of stem cell treatment as it is moderately safe, performed by professionals under proper care, and no more painful than your normal vaccination or IV administration.

Knowing the possible side effects and being prepared for them is a crucial part of stem cell treatment. Many side effects are rare and would go away with time; despite that, it is a great approach to consult with your chosen cell therapy clinic in Bangkok and your healthcare team about the effects of stem cell treatment on your existing condition or your loved one’s.

If you are searching for stem cell treatment in Bangkok with effective treatment and specialized teams of researchers, Cell La Vie clinic, is ready to provide an exclusive service to help improve your conditions.

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