What are Stem cells?

The word stem-cells is more and more used out of the medical circles, common people have hard time to understand or explain what are they, where do they come from. Why are they our best friend when it comes to medical rejuvenation: build a 3D organ or even help the human body to rebuild damaged tissues. Why stem cells are not more commonly used to cure or improve patients with critical diseases? What are the sources? How do I get stem cells treatments?

First of all stem cells are just newly build cells from various source (your own blood, obeliscal cord, narrow bones, embryonic cells) to are reprogrammed in one of the 200 cells type to rebuild the organism dysfunctions.The human counts approximately 30 trillons cells. They are the raw elements that helps to build specialized cells. Stem Cell are not new and have been discovered in the 80’s on mouse embryos. The progress of 40 years done by the medical research and usage is beyond imagination. Printing a 3D Organ with stem cells is not a fantasy but has been around for 10 years it’s now being develop for other organs like the heart, forget implants now stem cells can grow teeth and repair damaged ones, forget the wheelchairs for patients who had spinal cord damages some patients found back the ability to walk again.

What are stem cells

How do I Receive Stem Cell Treatments?

Generally Stem cells treatments come thru an IV directly the blood-stream, in some severe cases like cardiovascular diseases Stem Cells can be directly injected thru a catheter for a local injection or in some severe cases of Diabetes in the pancreas region. The IV is pain and takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Where the Stem Cells Come from?

Most common sources of stem cells are:

  • Blood collection
  • Tissue fat Extraction
  • Bone narrow extraction

Cell La Vie does NOT use embryonic cells.

Most of our patients who come to our clinic get their cells done in our lab for their own blood sample of in some case from umbilical cord (when collected my the parents). Then we will expand the cells found in the blood sample, it can take up to 2 weeks for exemple for the cancer treatments with CarT cell to make a culture of them to expand them. CarT cells are now called the 5th pillar of cancer treatments after the traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Do I Have to Be Sick to Have Stem Cells Treatments?

Not at all, some patients visit use to receive rejuvenation treatments that are scheduled on 1 or 2 weeks. For the moment we are born and till our teenage years cells will expand and then duplicate themselves: 1 cell will make 2 cells. Natural aging factor is nothing else than degenerescence of our cells dying: lower immunity, white hairs, wrinkles etc… Preventive stem cells treatments help to rebuild what’s not functional in your body anymore by helping to renforce it, dead cells will be replaced by new ones that will do the job of the dead ones.

So Many Offers on The Stem Cell Market, which one should I choose?

Stem cell became a very lucrative business for some non ethical Specialists and General practitioners abusing patients naivety. If you decide to go for a stem cell treatment for rejuvenation or because you have a disease ask the following questions:

  • What is the source and the type of stem cells provided?
  • Who produced the cells?
    Cell La Vie produce the cells in our own lab.
  • What percentage of cells alive do they guarantee before the injection?
    At Cell La Vie we guarantee 99% cells alive while some competitors are bellow 70%. Every batch of stem cells produced are counted and traceable.
  • What protocol and who made the protocole for the treatment?
  • What is the success rate and the number of patients the Clinic for the current treatment you came for?

Can Stem Cells Cure My Cancer?

Any clinics that will insure you to fully heal you are likely to be a scam. Every patients are different, even having the same disease, statistically speaking most of the treatments bring significative improvements, stem cells treatments are a great alternative to painful and stress treatments such radiotherapy, chemotherapy or even heavy surgery. Every patients we receive have a custom made program to provide the most effective way to help their body to achieve the best result possible.

I’m Ready to Have a Treatment, what should I do?

The first is to contact us to organize an appointment in order to discuss the options based on your condition. Prior to any treatments we require a full health check in order to detect any unknown illness. This health check can be done in any hospitals if you’re abroad or organized in our facility. We provide the results in less than 24 hours. Once one of our specialists explain you in details the program specifically designed for you, we usually collect 60Ml of your blood that will process in our lab. It takes days or weeks to expand the collected cells depending on the kind of cells produced. Once created, you will come for a second appointment where you will receive the cell usually by IV drip. The process takes 30 to 60 minutes and is totally painless. Our patients start to feel the benefits the first week following the injection, Stem cells last between 3 to 5 years depending of the patient.

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